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user experience & user interface designer

“Passionately creative, constantly learning and always fascinated with evolving technology.”


Design Thinking

Trained in human-centered design with the primary focus on understanding the end user. Creating validated solutions through an iterative design process.

Diverse Background

Raised in the Philippines, educated in Architecture with equal interest in the computer technology. Worked in the fields of Architecture and IT and now stepping into UX/UI.

Adventure Seeker

Enjoys exploring places and always open to new experiences. Seeks answers when faced with the unfamiliar and compelling. A curious mind with the energy to be bold.


I am a digital designer, a global thinker based in Chicago.

Completed an Architecture degree from the Philippines. I migrated to the United States in December 2010 to explore new possibilities. I become aware of the emerging industry in digital technology. My excitement drew me to meetups and talks with people passionate about innovation. In January 2016, I decided to join DESIGNATION to an immersive UX/UI Bootcamp for 18 weeks. This opportunity allowed me to work with designers and professionals in the technology and startup industry. The knowledge and skills I gained combined with the discipline and creativity of my architecture background, gave me renewed enthusiasm to move forward and develop myself to designing better experience in products and services.